List of computer criminals

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Convicted computer criminals are people who are caught and convicted of computer crimes such as breaking into computers or computer networks. Computer crime can be broadly defined as criminal activity involving information technology infrastructure, including illegal access (unauthorized access), illegal interception (by technical means of non-public transmissions of computer data to, from or within a computer system), data interference (unauthorized damaging, deletion, deterioration, alteration or suppression of computer data), systems interference (interfering with the functioning of a computer system by inputting, transmitting, damaging, deleting, deteriorating, altering or suppressing computer data), misuse of devices, forgery (or identity theft) and electronic fraud

In the infancy of the hacker subculture and the computer underground, criminal convictions were rare because there was an informal code of ethics that was followed by white hat hackers.Proponents of hacking claim to be motivated by artistic and political ends, but are often unconcerned about the use of criminal means to achieve them. White hat hackers break past computer security for non-malicious reasons and do no damage, akin to breaking into a house and looking around.They enjoy learning and working with computer systems, and by this experience gain a deeper understanding of electronic security.As the computer industry matured, individuals with malicious intentions (black hats) would emerge to exploit computer systems for their own personal profit.

Computer criminals

Name Handle Nationality Conviction(s) Sentencing date(s) Penalty
, Lewys MartinLewys Martin sl1nk United Kingdom NullCrew penetrated the servers of DoD, Pentagon, NASA, NSA, and other UK government websites.Pled guilty to unauthorized access of the websites of Kent Police, Cambridge / Oxford Univ. 2013-05-16 !May 16, 2013 Two years imprisonment[16]
Abene, MarkMark Abene Phiber Optik United States Misdemeanor theft-of-service for a free-call scam to a 900 number[1]

1 count of computer trespass and 1 count of computer conspiracy[17]

1991 !1991

1993 !1993
35 hours of community service[1]

One-year jail sentence[17][18]
Ancheta, Jeanson JamesJeanson James Ancheta Gobo United States Pled guilty to f4 federal charges of violating USC Sec.1030, specifically subsections (a)(5)(A)(i), 1030 (a)(5)(B)(i) and 1030(b)[9] 2006-05-08 !May 8, 2006 57 months in prison, forfeit $58,000. Restitution of US$15,000 to the U.S. government for infecting military computers[19][20]
Assange, Julian PaulJulian Paul Assange Mendax / profff Australia 31 charges of hacking and related charges. Pled guilty to 25 charges, the remaining 6 were dropped.[21] 1996-12-05 !5 December 1996 Conviction on all counts, a reparation payment of $2,100 to ANU and a 5,000 good-behaviour bond.
Botbyl, AdamAdam Botbyl United States Conspiracy to steal credit card numbers from the Lowe's chain of home improvement stores[23] 2004-12-16 !December 16, 2004 Two years and two months imprisonment, followed by two years of supervised release[24]
, unknownunknown United States (Iowa) 1 count simple harassment for sending six Gmail messages deemed to be "annoying" with another Gmail user over the course of 6 months and discovered in their SPAM folder on 7/28/2009. 2009-11-24 !November 24, 2009 $65 fine, appeal denied. Appeal to Iowa Supreme Court of 3 year suspension by Iowa State University docket #12-1371. .


Calce, MikeMike Calce MafiaBoy Canada Pled guilty to 56 charges of "mischief to data"[25][26] 2001-09-12 !September 12, 2001 Eight months "open custody," by the Montreal Youth Court, one-year of probation, restricted use of the Internet and a small fine[26][27]
Davis, ChadChad Davis Mindphasr United States Intentionally hacking a protected computer and willfully causing damage[28] 2000-03-01 !March 1, 2000 Six months in prison, US$8,054 in restitution and three years probation[28]
Even-Chaim, NahshonNahshon Even-Chaim Phoenix Australia 15 charges including trespassing on the University of Texas computer network, altering data at NASA and the theft of the ZARDOZ file[29] 1993 !1993 One-year suspended sentence: 1,000 good-behaviour bond and 500 hours community service[29]
, DarkL00kDarkL00k DarkL00k India Charged for hacking over a e-commerce portal with $ 1,000,000 of total fraud. He is charged with his 3 fellow hackers belong to Indishell.[30] 2012-08-28 !28 August 2012 The case is in New Delhi court and hackers are still at large. Two Hackers are arrested with fine 5 Million Indian Rupees.[30]
, unknownunknown Trax Australia 6 counts of hacking and phreaking. Pled guilty to all charges.[31] 1995-09-20 !20 September 1995

1995-09-20 !20 September 1995
(Due to a history of mental illness) no recorded conviction and a $500 three-year good-behaviour bond[32]
Gray, RaphaelRaphael Gray Curador United Kingdom Pled guilty under the Computer Misuse Act of charges of intentionally accessing sites containing credit card details and using this information for financial gain[33] 2001-07-06 !July 6, 2001 3 years of psychiatric treatment after evidence emerged that he was suffering from a mental condition which needed medical treatment rather than incarceration[34]
Heckenkamp, JeromeJerome Heckenkamp MagicFX United States Admitted to hacking and pled guilty to 2 felonies in 2004.[35] 2004-02-02 !2004 Sentenced to time served after spending 7 months in prison.[35]
James, JonathanJonathan James c0mrade United States 2 ccounts of juvenile delinquency[36] 2000-09-21 !September 21, 2000 6-month prison sentence and probation until the age of 18[36]
Jones, RichardRichard Jones Electron Australia Trespassing on the University of Texas computer network and theft of the ZARDOZ file[29] 1993 !1993 1 year and 6 months suspended sentence, 300 hours of community service and psychiatric assessment and treatment[29]
Kamkar, SamySamy Kamkar samy United States Pled guilty to violating California Penal Code 502(c)(8) for creating the "Samy is my hero" XSS worm that spread across the MySpace social networking site[37] 2007 !2007 3 years of formal probation, 90 days of community service, restitution paid to MySpace, restrictions on computer use[37]
Lacroix, CameronCameron Lacroix cam0 United States Participated in an attack on  LexisNexis that exposed personal records of more than 300,000 consumers[38] 2005-09-13 !September 13, 2005 11 months in a Massachusetts juvenile detention facility[38]
Lamo, AdrianAdrian Lamo United States One-count of computer crimes against Microsoft, LexisNexis and The New York Times[39] 2004-07-15 !July 15, 2004 6 months detention at his parent's home plus 2 years probation and roughly US$65,000 in restitution[39]
Mitnick, KevinKevin Mitnick Condor United States 4 counts of wire fraud, 2 counts of computer fraud and 1 count of illegally intercepting a wire communication[40] 1999-08-09 !August 9, 1999 46 months in federal prison and US$4,125 in restitution[40]
Moran, DennisDennis Moran Coolio United States Misdemeanor charges of hacking[41] 2001-03-09 !March 9, 2001 Nine months in jail and US$5,000 in restitution to each victim[41]
Morris, Robert TappanRobert Tappan Morris rtm United States Intentional access of federal computers without authorization thereby preventing authorized access and causing a loss in excess of US$1,000[42] 1990-05-16 !May 16, 1990 3 years probation and 400 hours of community service in a manner determined by the Probation Office and approved by the Court[42]
Parson, Jeffrey LeeJeffrey Lee Parson T33kid United States Pled guilty on 8/11/2004 to 1 count of intentionally causing or attempting to cause damage to a protected computer via his version of the Blaster computer worm[43] 2005-01-01 !January 1, 2005 18 months in prison and 100 hours of community service[44]
Poulsen, KevinKevin Poulsen Kevin Poulsen United States Pled guilty to 7 counts of mail, wire and computer fraud, money laundering and obstruction of justice[8] 1994-06-01 !June 1, 1994 51 months in prison and ordered to pay US$56,000 in restitution[8]
Rose, LeonardLeonard Rose Terminus United States Illicit use of (UNIX 3.2 code) owned by AT&T[1] and 2 counts of computer fraud and three counts of interstate transportation of stolen property.[45][46] 1991-06-12 !June 12, 1991 1 year jail sentence[45][47]
Smith, David L.David L. Smith Kwyjibo United States Pled guilty to knowingly spreading a computer virus, the Melissa virus, with the intent to cause damage[48] 2002-05-01 !May 1, 2002 20 months in federal prison, US$5,000 fine and 100 hours of community service upon release[48]
Tenenbaum, EhudEhud Tenenbaum Analyzer Israel Cracking US / Israeli computers, pled guilty to conspiracy, wrongful infiltration of computerized material, disruption of computer use and destroying evidence[49] 2001-06-15 !June 15, 2001 6 months of community service, 1-year of probation, 2 year suspended prison sentence and fined $18,000[49]
Vallor, SimonSimon Vallor Gobo United Kingdom Writing and distributing 3 computer viruses[50] 2003-01-21 !January 21, 2003 Two-year jail sentence[50]
Wondra, GeraldGerald Wondra The 414s United States Unauthorized access to computers at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in NY and a LA bank[7] and 2 counts of "making harassing telephone calls"[51] 1983-05-01 !May 1, 1983 2 years probation[7]
Wit, Jan deJan de Wit OnTheFly Netherlands Spreading data into a computer network with the intention of causing damage as the creator of the Anna Kournikova virus[52] 2001-09-27 !September 27, 2001 150 hours community service[52][53][54]
Jeffery, JamesJames Jeffery Pablo Escobar United Kingdom Hacked into the British Pregnancy Advisory Service, stole patient information, defaced the webpage, pled guilty to 2 counts of computer misuse. [55] 2012-04-13 !April 13, 2012 32 months imprisonment [55]